Ansluta skärmen i kontakten

Många kablar har flera skärmar och ofta kommer frågan, hur ansluter man de olika skärmarna.

Vi har här nedan lite praktiska tips från Gotham Audio Cables.

Detta med skärmar blir ofta knepigare med just fler skärmar och detta förekommer ju ofta i XLR kontakter.

Här en länk för mer information och nedan här ett förtydligande från Gotham

XLR balanced wiring is basically always the same, analogue or digital.

The discussion is/was, whether the shields should be connected only to pin 1, or to the connectors frame/boddy as well. This discussion I have seen and we always recommend to only use Pin 1 for ground/shield and not connect the connector frame to the shields!
This for security reasons because a loose connector on the floor can make metal contact to a possible different ground (Video/Power/Clock) or even a signal (TSR or RCA connectors) and this, one will hear and could make damages!
So, I know many do no agree and want the pin 1 and the boddy of the connector contacted (the shell of the connector), but we do not!

Regarding conductor shield, all these shields are connected to each other intern anyway with the conductive petpal flies and therefore it is irrelevant how your connect the conductor shields and the Double Reussen shields. I recommend to use, depending on space available, a portion of each shield together and create 1 single shield connection to be soldered to Pin 1 only.

This is how we assemble the XLR.  As there is no current (hopefully) running tru the shields, there is actually only contact needed and not every strand must be bundled.
You can reduce strands to make a more compact ground conductor to be soldered to Pin1.